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Low Technology - High Profit: Condos, Apartments, Highrises, Town Homes, Gated Communities, Master Plan Communities, Assisted Living Facilities, Off-Campus Student Housing

Quality programming at competitive prices from DISH

Offer residents a choice of quality programming at a competitive price with ANALOG programming packages from DISH. Quality entertainment at a low cost for entry is available for multi-family properties with the ANALOG programming plan.

Analog Programming Plan

This program allows for maximum value for residents in apartments, condos, or gated communities. The operator will install a ‘shared dish system’ that allows residents to view pre-selected programming packages that are best suited for the property. Residents do not need a receiver in the building to view programming.

Product Features

  • Service and billiing are provided on a per subscriber basis.
  • Delivers a customized basic line-up with the option of premium and international programming for individual subscribers.
  • Minimum subscriber counts are:
          Basic Programming: 60 subscribers or 35% (whichever is greater)
          Premium/International: 1 subscriber or 1% (whichever is greater)
  • Customers who upgrade into a higher digital package than the ANALOG line-up offered will count toward minimum subscriber count required for ANALOG.

Equipment & Technology

  • Headend at the property to deliver programming to all residents (SMATV).
  • L-band system can be added if desired.
  • Receivers are not required at each unit.


  • PCOs are allowed to mark up and resell programming.
  • Great for properties who want to provide their tenants with a solution where 100% penetration is not realistic.
  • DISH brand recognition & marketing opportunities for the property.



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Ask a Pace Account Manager how you can profit from the ANALOG program:
  • Reselling programming
  • Adding revenue through upgrades and additional outlets

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Programming Available

For complete listings and pricing, call
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America’s Top 120
America’s Top 200
PCO Extra Pak
DishLATINO Package
International Programming

Local channels where available

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Other Programming Options
Bulk: Cost effective programming with a wide range of choices. Digital: Programming choices for individual units including TurboHD, DVR, premium packages, and thousands of Pay-Per-View titles Neighborhood Value Plan: Bulk Programming + Digitial upgrades for premium packages, HD, DVR options, and Pay-Per-View content Free to Guest Attract and entertain guests with quality programming from DISH