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Cost effective programming with a wide range of programming choices.

BULK programming is a great way to provide your residents with excellent television service at reasonable rates. No in-home receivers are necessary for this program, and you can provide residents with basic and expanded programming. This program can be provided in MDUs or master plan communities.
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Programming choices for individual units including TurboHD, DVR, premium packages, and thousands of Pay-Per-View titles

With the DIGITAL programming plan, you can give your residents the ability to receive the very best in DIGITAL programming. Residents select a package most suitable to their needs and get the full experience of DIGITAL programming. Future proof your property with the DIGITAL plan from DISH.
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Neighborhood Value Program

BULK Programming + DIGITAL upgrades for premium packages, HD, DVR, and Pay-Per-View content.

The Neighborhood Value Plan (NVP) provides choice in programming at a great value. This program combines a low-cost BULK package that will be delivered to the entire property while still allowing individual residents to upgrade to their choice of premium, HD programming, DVR options and Pay-Per-View.
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Free To Guest

Attract and entertain guests with quality programming from DISH.

The Free to Guest (FTG) program offers hotels, hospitals, resorts, marinas, and nursing home facility locations quality programming that can be provided as an amenity to guests. DISH provides a variety of programming packages and options including sports, premium movies, locals and international programming in addition to standard packages.
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