DISH Network HD Solution for MDU/MTH: Save BIG on installation costs. Supports up to 48 tuners
Just Add TV™ …in a box!

Installing the ‘dish-in-a-box’ solution is the ideal way to deliver digital programming to fourplexes all the way up to 100 unit-plus properties. Pre-made distribution boxes will distribute signal for up to 48 tuners—just plug and play!

  • Simplify MDU digital installations
  • Save on installation labor costs
  • Small footprint design
  • No on-site testing is required—plug and play!


Model # Supports Price
HDD-12-IN 12 receivers/24 tuners $458
HDD-24-IN 24 receivers/48 tuners $955

Other high quality custom-built "in-a-box" solutions are also available. Ask your account manage for more details.

Available Immediately:

L-band Distribution System for DISH Network® in a box: ‘DISH-In-a-BOX’:

  • Customizable for specific applications
  • Supports up 12 or 24 units from one box
  • Dimensions:
    • 12 receiver model: 20" x 24" x 10"
    • 24 receiver model: 26" x 36" x 10"
  • Outdoor models available (ask an account manager for pricing and availability 1-800-444-PACE)
  • All parts are included and assembled in the box
  • High quality parts
  • Knock outs around the box for easy cable insertion

Pace can help you design an L-band system to distribute satellite signal throughout your property and deliver great DISH Network programming. Download a typical diagram below and find more information about our L-band products.

Another way to  Just Add TV™   …in a box!

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  • Single Bill
  • DISH Network® PCO Program
System Design: We can design it for you.
702 Communications: Embracing Innovation 702 Communications has embraced an innovative digital HD distribution solution to support new MDU properties and gain digital subscribers. Click to learn more.

Sample L-band system design

Click on the thumbnail to download this sample diagram (.pdf)