Introducing DISH Optical Network
MDU fiber-to-the-home solution

Why DISH Optical Network? The facts speak for themselves:

  • Capacity to deliver over 400 HD channels of bandwidth to each subscriber
  • Equipment investment model based on guaranteed consumer
  • Affordable option for property managers to have DISH Network as a primary or secondary provider
  • Residents enjoy the full DISH Network experience, getting the most and best at the lowest cost
  • Complete programming lineup, including dishHD and the largest selection of Latino and International entertainment
  • Compatible with standard DISH Network receivers, including award-winning HD DVR - rated as Editor's Choice by CNET (, 2/19/08)
  • No additional equipment required
  • 100% digital picture and sound
  • Higher customer satisfaction rating than cable

The new DISH Optical Network expands DISH Networks already robust MDU distribution offerings, including:

  • L-band solution ideal for garden-style communities
  • QAM system designed to use existing wiring
  • ViP-TV model to support rural communities

High-capacity DISH Network® optical transport system

  • Headend system aggregates up to four satellite feeds and distributes over one strand single mode fiber
  • Baseline system provides service to 128 simultaneous subscriber units and is infinitely scalable when combined with optical power amplifiers
  • Each subscriber unit supports up to three dual-tuner DISH Network receivers
  • Plug-and-play receiver compatibility with no additional equipment to buy


Headend Processor System (Optical Multiplexer)
Input Signal Up to four 950-2150 MHz dual-polarity satellite feeds
Input Connectors Four female F-connectors
Output One dual wavelingth (1530 / 1550 nm) single mode fiber output
Output Connectors One FC/UPC single mode fiber connector
Output Optical Power +20 dBm total (+17dBm each wavelength)
System Power 120V AC
Status & Monitoring LED Indicators (system DC power and optical alarms), Optical power output monitor port.
Subscriber Unit (ODPP-43 Integrated Optical De-multiplexer and RF Multiswitch
Input One dual wavelingth (1530 / 1550 nm) single mode fiber
Input Connector One FC/UPC single mode fiber connector
Input Optical Power -13 dBm +/- 2dB
Output Three female F-connector ports (DISH Pro Plus capable)
System Power Line powered by receiver (No AC power required)
Receivers Up to three single-tuner or dual-tuner receivers per subscriber unit
System optical budget 30 dB nominal (supports two ODPP-43s per residential unit)


New Optical solution from DISH Network

Read about a high-capacity, fiber optic receive node for distributing up to four satellite feeds through a single-mode fiber passive optical network (PON). Click on the thumbnail below to download these diagrams (.pdf)

Programming packages supported by Digital Optical Network solutions
BULK + DIGITAL overlay

DISH DIGITAL programming

Image showing a neighborhood

Neighborhood Value Plan
BULK + DIGITAL overlay

We offer System Design services. Let us design it for you.

Optical Network parts used in the diagram:

The DISH Optical Network is a high capacity WDM (Wave Division Multiplexing) optical transport system capable of delivering up to four 950-2150MHz L-band dual polarity satellite networks to the end user on a single strand of SMF (single mode fiber) cable. The DISH Optical Network is targeted for fiber to the end users’ residence in an MDU application. The DISH Optical Network uses standard PON (Passive Optical Network i.e. Foxcom splitters) architecture for delivery of the analog video carriers. The DISH Optical Network is fully compatible with all digital modulation schemes used for DTH satellite services.

DON Headend Processor System

DON Headend Processor System

The headend is supplied in an indoor rated, wall
mount, metal enclosure with dimensions of 18"
x 18" x 8". The unit is supplied with a grounded,
3 prong power cord and is designed to be
plugged into a 120VAC outlet.

Subscriber Unit - Integrated Optical Demultiplexer and RF Multi-Switch

Subscriber Unit - Integrated Optical Demultiplexer and RF Multi-Switch


The ODPP-43 is an integrated optical demultiplexer and RF multi satellite switch in a single mechanical package. The input is an optical FC/UPC SMF connector. The ODPP-43 is indoor rated.

Fujikura Fusion Splicer

Fujikura Fusion Splicer


The Fujikura Fusion Splicer sets the standard for core alignment fusion splicers. The FSM-50S is the fastest field splicer available, and completes a splice and tube heat in a total of 44 seconds. Special features include its small size and weight

  • the smallest in the industry - and the legendary ruggedness Fujikura is known for.
  • Automatic core to core, low-loss splicing regardless of fiber quality or age
  • 9-second splicing time, 35-second heat time (60mm sleeve)
  • Dual, user selectable monitor position
  • 5.6” TFT Color LCD display
  • Automatic arc calibration
  • Long life battery (up to 160 splice/shrink cycles per charge)
AFL® HiLite - Visible Fiber Optic Light Source

AFL® HiLite - Visible Fiber Optic Light Source


The HiLite is compact but powerful visible red laser sources designed to troubleshoot faults on fiber optic cables. Light generated by these units will escape from sharp bends and breaks in jacketed or bare fibers, as well as poorly mated connectors. They can identify faults in fiber optic jumper cables, distribution frames, patch panels, and splice trays.

Fujikura Fusion Splicer

AFL® Optical Power Meter


Optical power meters may be used to measure optical power in premises, telco, or broadband fiber optic networks. When used with an LED or laser light source, an OPM can also measure the attenuation (insertion loss) of multimode or single-mode cables. With only two controls – Power and Wavelength – the OPM 1 is our simplest to use optical power meter. Optical power in dBm and the calibration wavelength setting are displayed on an easy to read
LCD display.

T05 Modem

FC-SC Fiber Splice Block

  • FC - SC Simplex
  • Ceramic insert
  • Stainless steel