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QAM Headend Solution

Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) technology, simply stated, allows HD and other high bandwidth digital content to be distributed through existing wiring in a building, using a headend and customer devices for individual subscribers. This preserves the infrastructure of the building, while potentially saving tens of thousands of dollars in installation costs for rewiring the building. The technology allows properties to offer content to residents at a very low cost for entry when compared to other solutions for digital content.

Technical Drawings

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Sample system design
for QAM


Sample system design


Advanced HDTV
system analyzers



Televes training
Programming packages supported by QAM solutions
BULK + DIGITAL overlay

DISH DIGITAL programming

Image showing a neighborhood

Neighborhood Value Plan
BULK + DIGITAL overlay

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QAM parts used in the diagrams:

Digital Transmodulators

The Digital Transmodulators change the input modulation (from satellite or terrestrial transmitters) into a different output modulation according to the reception device (a TV set or a specific set top).

The following parameters can be programmed:

  • Input and output channel/frequency
  • Video and audio programming selection
  • Video modulation index
  • Audio frequency deviation
  • Audio subcarrier frequency
  • A/V subcarriers ratio

* For QPSK-QAM transmodulators: additional selection of QAM format modulation and I/Q format modulation.

TDT Transmodulator

TDT Transmodulator


The Transparent Digital Transmodulater referred to as the TDT+, turns the information contained in a satellite transponder into a VHF or UHF channel.

HD Transmodulator

HD Transmodulator


The 8PSK-QAM transcoder allocates the information contained in a satellite transponder no matter the modulations used (QPSK legacy, QPSK Turbo or 8PSK) in a cable channel in VHF or UHF.

Programming Unit

Programming Unit


TDT PSU - Power Supply Unit 120v

TDT PSU - Power Supply

DISH Q-box



The Q-Box allows compatible DISH Network® satellite receivers to work in a commercial QAM MDU environment. The Q-Box connects in the home between the satellite receiver and the QAM-enabled wall plate, receiving the QAM-modulated signal and remodulating it as QPSK so the satellite receiver can decode it.

TDT 19" Rack Adaptor

TDT 19" Rack Adaptor



For more information about the Televés T05 Series - Headend Equipment, click the links below to download.

The MDU Solution: Satellite Channels into your CATV Network


Headend Management System

  • To allow the configuration and monitoring of all the controllable devices in a headend from a single point, via a Windows application.
  • Presents the information in an RF channel. In addition, the Headend Management System can carry out the following functions:
    • Modifications in the configuration of the headend elements, so that it becomes unnecessary to go to the installation site to carry out any changes.
    • Fast scan of all the installation searching for any faulty parts.


T05 Modem

T05 Modem

T05 Modem

CDC - Headend
Management System


Televés Hybrid Amplifyer

Televés Hybrid Amplifier

  • Frequency range: 47~862 MHz
  • Gain: 44dB
  • Regulation margin: 20dB
  • Output level: 60 dB
Ready-to-Assemble 39: Modular 4-post Rack Extension - Top Section

Ready-to-Assemble 39: Modular 4-post Rack Extension - Top Section

Ready-to-Assemble 39: Modular 4-post Rack Extension - Top Section

Ready-to-Assemble 39: Modular 4-post Rack Extension - Bottom Section