Lease Application & Instructions

We have made it easy for you to prepare and submit a printed and formatted Lease Application Package.

  1. Open the Lease Application form by clicking the button further down this page entitled " Click Here to Open the Lease Application Form".
  2. Simply enter the requested items field by field.
  3. You may use the tab key or cursor to open an input field. If, for example you do not have a DUNS Number, the field is not applicable, therefore enter "NA" and move on to the next field.
  4. Placing the cursor over a check box and clicking the mouse allows that box to be filled. To change that information simply click again.
  5. There is a RESET button at the top of the form should you need it. Note this resets the entire form. Any field may be changed by deleting the data and re-entering correct information.
  6. Print the completed form.
  7. Sign in the appropriate "grayed" boxes.
  8. Then fax the following items to 507-424-4981:
    1. Signed and complete Lease Application.
    2. Signed Lease Quotation.
    3. The summary page of the organization's last three months bank statements.


You can print and save a copy of the completed form by using the appropriate buttons at the top of the form.

Security Note: the data is only available on your system and is only transmitted to us via a signed fax. We do not collect any data while the form is being completed.

Thank you for your assistance.
We look forward to processing your application package.

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Download PDF applciation