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The Benefits of Custom Kitting

INcrease Productivity

Enjoy the piece of mind knowing your employees are going into the field with the correct tools. They no longer have to waste valuable time shopping locally for each tool. Pace will help you keep your installers on the road with the right tools for the job. Our expert staff can help you choose the right list of tools that will help them complete their jobs as quickly, safely, and efficiently as possible.

Our Streamlined Operations

We carry thousands of SKU’s from many different vendors- over 30,000 tools alone! Make your installation goods and tool purchase all in one place. This can dramatically decrease the amount of purchasing time and paperwork. When you receive your product, we provide a detailed packing list with easily identifiable product descriptions to ease your check-in process when your receive your product.

Increase inventory efficiency

Pace will ship a complete kit to each installer, alleviating the need for you to carry a costly inventory of every part that you might need. When you hire a new installer, simply have Pace send the exact kit that installer needs to hit the ground running on day one.


With thousands of tools on hand, Pace is able to ship replacement tools quickly and safely- so you don't lose valuable time waiting to get back on the job.




Have a tool or kitting question? Pace can help. Email us for expert advice on installer tools and supplies.

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