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Pace’s expert-shipping team can assure the promptness and accuracy of your order. With over 1700 crate shipments over the last three years, Pace has maintained a 96% success rate shipping undamaged tool kits. Pace’s custom-made wood crates have attributed to this success.

Pace understands the importance of safety on the job. We can provide the tools to keep installers safe.

Specialized Tool selection

Pace carries all of the tools necessary for professional installations and happy customers. Attics, walls, and crawl spaces are usually difficult spaces to run wires through. Pace has the specialty tools available to simplify tasks and save time while maintaining the structural and physical integrity of the installation site.

30,000+ tools - one place

Pace has a product offering of tools that is second to none. With thousands of SKU’s (stock-keeping units) and vendors, quality tools at great prices are guaranteed. A shipment of tools from multiple manufacturers can be combined into one crate and sent directly to your door.


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